Join me on a sensual lingerie shopping trip!

I love taking my time in the mall, touching all the delicate lacy and silky fabrics, and feeling them on my smooth chocolate skin… I enjoy even more purchasing my favorite items that empower me to be the sexy Goddess I am!

So many pretty naughty things to own… and wear for you! Why not be a part of my selection process?

photo (3)
Just a taste of our naughty fun time together…

In this lingerie shopping package- you will join me on my naughty pretty things shopping adventure! Using kik, or your messaging app of choice, I will share with you the play by play in my selection process. Snapping pictures of everything that catches my eye! I then will shut us into a changing room and snap naughty pictures as I try everything on for you! And you’ll be right there with me, able to tell me what I look good in and what your fantasies are. You’ll have my undivided attention!

This promises to be a titillating adventure of naughty fun for us both! Don’t miss this opportunity to dress me up – and down! 😉


Want even more? Once I’ve made my purchases, I will go home where I can try on our new lingerie in private and will make an HD video for you in – and out – of our new purchases! And if you’d like, I can wear our new items and send them to you, so you can have the full experience from start to finish!


For this package, I am currently accepting e-gift cards to Victoria’s Secret, but we can make arrangements to shop elsewhere. Package starts at $30… But the more you spoil me, the more we play together! 😉

Contact me here or email me at to make arrangements. Can’t wait to go shopping with you!

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