Kindly oblige and do as the sticker says!

I just donated blood today to the American Red Cross, and I am feeling like a good citizen – who is ready to keep sharing the more intimate special kind of my TLC with you!

Reward me for my good deed by purchasing me treats off my Amazon Wish List!

Dote upon this Chocolate Goddess and you won’t regret it!

*** All gifts are reciprocated with extra special attention through photos, videos and/or chats with your present for me in a starring role! ***

(For instance, you bought me stockings, I’ll wear them in a video for you! Or you got me a toy to play with? You can only imagine what I’ll do…)

imageHave something else in mind for Ms. Keisha Marie but don’t see it on the list? Send me a message or email me at and we’ll work out arrangements! I love surprises, so use your imagination, practically nothing is off limits! šŸ˜‰

If you take care of me, I’ll take great care of you!
~ keisha marie

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