About Me

…Creative. Passionate. Intelligent. Sensual. Playful. Revolutionary. Thoughtful. Voluptuous. Self-indulgent. Powerful…

I am a woman with many facets and talents. I enjoy sexy pretty things and making men long for me. In the light of day, I am a student, a caretaker and an activist. By night, I am a sexually realized being who gets off on sharing myself with others. I am a strong woman with naughty desires. I treasure my feminine allure and want to explore it with those who also place a high value on my captivating eroticism.

I love knowing – and hiding in plain sight – that I am wearing my intimate items for special deviants like you. I cherish my womanly aroma and I know that once you have one whiff of my natural juices, you will forever want to luxuriate in my pungent scent.

I also take pleasure in making high quality sexy videos and taking seductive photos that will drive you wild and make you come back for more. You will never get enough of me.

I genuinely thrive on challenges… I am not for the faint of heart. If you think you can handle me, get in touch and tell me what your fantasies are and just perhaps we can play together. If you take good care of me, I will take the best care of you.

Here is a bit more about me:

Age: 25   ~   Height: 5′ 8″   ~   Weight: 170   ~   Bra Size: 34B   ~   Clothes Size: M – L

Zodiak Sign: Gemini

My favorite physical features: Everything juicy! My plump lips, ass and thighs!

Likes: Videography; Volunteering; Cooking; Photography; Pampering myself; Reading;  Pretty lacy lingerie; Exploring my sexuality; and Turning men on

About my lady parts: I’ll admit, I use to be a bit embarrassed and super sensitive about the odor of My Lady. I felt like I had to cover her up and pretend she didn’t exist in all of her glory. But as I am getting older – and more experienced – I’ve realized that My Lady is natural and as she should be, with a sweet musky smell I’ve grown to appreciate. I don’t need to be ashamed when she gets wet when I get excited, or stinky and sweaty when I get hot and worked up. All I need to do is embrace her for who she is and I am excited that I get to share her with you – she deserves a whole crew of dedicated fans – she’s that special to me! 🙂


Over time I’ll add more info but this is it for now. If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll share more details!

~ Keisha Marie xoxo

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