Basketball booty pictures!! (and a bit of a rant about Reddit and self promotion…)

Hey there guys and dolls! I have been kind of neglectful of my blog – and website in general – haven’t I? This is such a great space for me to keep a diary of all my exploits and adventures… I want to start using it more often! Please hold me to this, mkay?

So, the latest update will be a quick one! Between me and you? I really need an introduction to what Reddit is all about! I understand the concept of up and down voting, but the sense of community and it’s use in this NSFW arena confuses me… Why do women willingly put explicit photos of themselves online when we all know there are people willing to pay for it? Women, our bodies are beautiful and hold endless power and value. I have very little interest in turning random guys on with nothing in return… Hm… I will save the rest of this rant for another day.

My point is, I figure that Reddit can be a good place for me to meet new sexual deviants to play with, but I am not quite sure how to use it to it’s fullest potential quite yet. I am testing the waters though, and just posted this photo series on the GoneMild subreddit. It didn’t get as much attention as previous posts I’ve done, so I’m still working on figuring out what’s popular and what’s not… But I’ll share the pictures with you anyway!

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Kindly oblige and do as the sticker says!

I just donated blood today to the American Red Cross, and I am feeling like a good citizen – who is ready to keep sharing the more intimate special kind of my TLC with you!

Reward me for my good deed by purchasing me treats off my Amazon Wish List!

Dote upon this Chocolate Goddess and you won’t regret it!

*** All gifts are reciprocated with extra special attention through photos, videos and/or chats with your present for me in a starring role! ***
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Sensual Floral Lingerie Photo Set

Delicate lacy items not only accentuate my womanly curves, but also help bring out my inner sex kitten… Come take a look as I model my newest acquisition for you!

The bold purple floral lace against my rich chocolate skin even makes me weak with admiration… I love my body and want to share it with you so we can take pleasure in my sensuality together.

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Erotic Playtime *Custom Photo Sets Available*

I have been getting requests for more naughty photos! Ask and you shall receive, filthy gents! 😉

I love teasing and showing off my round tight booty and perky little breasts for you to lust over! I have a pre-made photo set of 15 high quality erotic shots ready to send your way for a $10 Gift Rocket or Amazon gift card. See me in lingerie and perhaps a few revealing a few shots without anything on!
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Come turn me on *Salacious Personal Chats Available*

I just had my first naughty phone chat with one of you dirty gents, and I loved it! I already want more! Listening to you long for me, discussing our cravings, knowing that you are imagining me there with you as if you could smell me through the phone… If only!

Talking about our desires, our fantasies, our experiences… Sharing intimate details about what makes us weak with hunger and what gets us off… Our conversation can be whatever we want it to be. I’m open-minded and accepting of most topics and requests, so don’t be shy.

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The Ultimate Panty Party Video

You love panties. I love panties. So come watch me play around as I model some of my favorite panties for you!

Topless… In heels… I crawl on my bed… Shake my gorgeous booty in your face… Erotically touch my luscious chocolate brown skin as I sway my hips for all to see.

Shot in full HD1080p with high quality music and expertly edited together for your ultimate enjoyment. I take pride in producing high QUALITY work, not high quantity – needless to say, you won’t regret this purchase! Continue reading