Come take a peek up my dress! *New Up-Skirt Video*

You know you’ve wanted to look before… You see a fine round booty walking down the street and her sundress grazes her curves ever so gently. You can’t help but wonder – just what dirty pretty things is she hiding under there?

Now is your chance to give in to temptation! Take a long hard look up my skirt as I tease you senseless and dare to sit on your face!

Just over 5 minutes long and in Full 1080p HD

As soon as you gift me a $10 Amazon gift card, I will share with you the link to the video, where you can stream it again and again whenever you please or download it for your own private enjoyment! Here’s a teaser below! 😉 Continue reading

Who knew I’d love being a tease so much!? And a New Panty Video!

Hi there! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve decided to venture into the used panty and fetish world, and I am loving it! I have had my ups and downs in uncertainty like most of us do when we push ourselves outside our comfort zones… But recently? Things are starting to click! I am relaxing into enjoying myself while I flirt with naughty strangers, and snap revealing photos of myself or make scandalous videos! I didn’t know I would be so turned on by sharing myself with others… but the excitement I get when I receive a compliment is down right addicting!

Okay, so enough of the words, onto the new video, right? I suppose when I woke up today I was simply feeling sexy and playful, so I shot this little video to share with you all to introduce you to my body in motion. 😉  Continue reading

Building my presence, down the rabbit hole and my first order Musings

Hi friends! It’s late, and I’m procrastinating on school work, so of course, I decided there is no better time than now to reflect a bit on my first big milestone today – I mailed my first pair of dirty panties!!

It’s been two weeks since I figured “hey, why don’t I give it a shot” and about one week since I actually put pictures online to make my independent store a reality! One thing is for certain – the friendly party banter that selling used naughty things is easy money is FALSE! Continue reading

let the panty party begin!

Guess what!! I am so excited that I finally got my independent online panty store up and running! I’ve been obsessing over it all week! Deciding which panties you all want to have and which panties I enjoy wearing… Taking naughty pictures of myself and figuring out which shots to use… I’ve never looked so long and hard at my body – specifically my bum! – before! It’s a work of art, right? I never knew I would have so much fun exploring myself in front of a camera, but I am learning quick and having fun! The best part is: I’m growing to love my body more and more every day – and now I want to share that lovin’ and special part of me with you too! 😉  Continue reading

new panties for us to have fun with!

Hi! Have I mentioned that I’m excited to be launching my panty selling business yet?! If you haven’t caught on to my enthusiasm than wake up and take notice! This morning I was lucky enough to have the day off from work, so I busily worked on flushing out various sections of this site and then… you guessed it! Went out to the mall to treat myself – and you! – to some new undies! I love shopping and playing around in the store, thinking about what will hug my curves the best, what colors will compliment my skin tone… I know what I like – colorful lacy cheeky panties every day! 🙂

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tonight’s dirty panties!

Gotta love summer time weather, right? I went out to a street festival tonight for some tasty eats and live music, but I quickly became soaking wet with a surprise rain storm. Fortunately it only lasted about 25 minutes, so after finding shelter under a tree, I was able to stick around to enjoy the festivities a bit longer… One strong glass of hard cider and two delicious snacks later, guess what I found? I dirtied my panties with my creamy discharge!

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Welcome to my naughty playground!

Hello there! I am so excited to be launching my new side project here – I just couldn’t wait to make my first post. You know when you have that annoying itch that just won’t go away no matter how hard you try to ignore it or just scratch it a little? Well, I’ve been having an itch… to explore my sexuality a bit more. And for the longest time I was so shy and uncertain about what I was feeling, I didn’t know what to do. But the other day – my friends and I were sitting around at a BBQ and someone started joking about how if we really needed some money – we should just sell what we were wearing. *gasp* Say What?! “There is no way people will buy my stinky soiled panties for fun!!”

But my curiosity was sparked and I needed to know more. I went online – behind closed doors, of course! – and started searching for more about this underworld of panty enthusiasts and what I found was pleasantly surprising. In fact, I was hooked! I loved combing through the various sites, seeing all the women of different sizes and ages, embracing their bodies and sharing their naughty bits with others. They were so beautiful! They were so confident! Selling your panties seemed so normal! I wanted in on the action! I get tingly all over just thinking about it.

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