Kindly oblige and do as the sticker says!

I just donated blood today to the American Red Cross, and I am feeling like a good citizen – who is ready to keep sharing the more intimate special kind of my TLC with you!

Reward me for my good deed by purchasing me treats off my Amazon Wish List!

Dote upon this Chocolate Goddess and you won’t regret it!

*** All gifts are reciprocated with extra special attention through photos, videos and/or chats with your present for me in a starring role! ***
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The Ultimate Panty Party Video

You love panties. I love panties. So come watch me play around as I model some of my favorite panties for you!

Topless… In heels… I crawl on my bed… Shake my gorgeous booty in your face… Erotically touch my luscious chocolate brown skin as I sway my hips for all to see.

Shot in full HD1080p with high quality music and expertly edited together for your ultimate enjoyment. I take pride in producing high QUALITY work, not high quantity – needless to say, you won’t regret this purchase! Continue reading

Come take a peek up my dress! *New Up-Skirt Video*

You know you’ve wanted to look before… You see a fine round booty walking down the street and her sundress grazes her curves ever so gently. You can’t help but wonder – just what dirty pretty things is she hiding under there?

Now is your chance to give in to temptation! Take a long hard look up my skirt as I tease you senseless and dare to sit on your face!

Just over 5 minutes long and in Full 1080p HD

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Who knew I’d love being a tease so much!? And a New Panty Video!

Hi there! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve decided to venture into the used panty and fetish world, and I am loving it! I have had my ups and downs in uncertainty like most of us do when we push ourselves outside our comfort zones… But recently? Things are starting to click! I am relaxing into enjoying myself while I flirt with naughty strangers, and snap revealing photos of myself or make scandalous videos! I didn’t know I would be so turned on by sharing myself with others… but the excitement I get when I receive a compliment is down right addicting!

Okay, so enough of the words, onto the new video, right? I suppose when I woke up today I was simply feeling sexy and playful, so I shot this little video to share with you all to introduce you to my body in motion. 😉  Continue reading