Used Panties for Sale

I hand picked these panties for our shared enjoyment! I’ll wear each pair for at least 24 hours to make sure they soak up all the delicious scents of yours truly. Once you’ve selected your favorite pair(s), you can head on over to the Buy My Dirty Panties page to place your order. Don’t forget to customize my wearing session by adding a few naughty extras!

Once I receive your order, I will be in touch as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or on Twitter.

Enjoy the way thongs fit snuggly between my cheeks? Check out my thong selection here! 

happy hunting! ~ xoxo Ms. Keisha Marie

 Ms. Violet – $30 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret vibrant purple extra low rise cheeksters with mini purple bow. Size: M

purplecheekies         purplecheekiesrear

Ms. Francine – $25 – pick me!

Jessica Simpson no show simple black panties. Size: M

JS black front         JS black back


Ms. Azalia – $25 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret light blue polkadot soft cotton panties with white lace trim.  Size: M

(I have had these pair for a long time, so they are sure to be lightly stained and filled with my delicious scent!)

blue polkadot front        blue polkadot rear

Ms. Pearl – $30 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret see-through soft peach panties with patterned front, lace trim and “PINK” waistband. Size: M

pinkpeachlace       pinkpeachlacerear

 Ms. Vicky – $30 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret two-tone blue lacy mini cheekster. Size: M

twobluelace        twobluelacerear

 Ms. Betty – $25 – pick me!

Red polka-dot cotton hiphuggers with heart lace trim along top and black bow. (*Also available in solid Black!*) Size: L

redlacepolkadot       redlacepolkadotrear

Ms. Josephine – $25 – pick me!

See-through soft blue hiphuggers with cream lace detail and bow. Size: L (but very snug with a nice squeeze on my bits!)

bluewhitelace       bluewhitelacerear

Ms. Sophie – $30 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret see-through peach panties with aztec pattern detail on front. Size: M

pinkaztec        pinkaztecrear

 Ms. Candie – $25 – pick me!

Bright pink lace hiphugger cheekies with black bow. (*Also available in Black and Bright Blue!*) Size: L

lacepinkboyshorts        lacepinkboyshortsrear

Ms. Annabella – $20 – pick me!

White cotton panties with lace inset details. Size: M

whitelacecotton         whitelacecottonrear

 Ms. Robyn – $30 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret bright pink lace extra low rise cheeksters with feisty animal print detail. Size: M

pinkanimalcheekie        pinkanimalcheekierear

Ms. Tiffany – $30 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret teal cotton panties with feisty animal print detail and lace trim. Size: M

animaltealcotton         animaltealcottonrear

Ms. Brandi – $25 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret PINK brand stretchy boyshorts, bright yellow with white hearts on the front. Size: M

yellowheartboyshorts          yellowheartboyshortsrear

Hello, My Name is… – $35- pick me!

Craving something particular that you don’t see here? I love going shopping! So tell me what you are craving and I’ll go find that perfect pair that I’ll purchase and wear just for you! Don’t be shy, let your mind run wild! (Already includes 48 hour wear free of additional charge!)

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