Used Thongs for Sale

I hand picked these thongs for our shared enjoyment! I’ll wear each pair for at least 24 hours to make sure they soak up all the delicious scents of yours truly. Once you’ve selected your favorite pair(s), you can head on over to the Buy My Dirty Panties page to place your order. Don’t forget to customize my wearing session by adding a few naughty extras!

Once I receive your order, I will be in touch as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or on Twitter.

Enjoy the way panties caress my curves? Check out my fuller coverage panties out here! 

happy hunting! ~ xoxo Ms. Keisha Marie

Ms. Alexa – $20 – pick me!

Soft grey thong with black lace trim. Size: M

greylacethong         greylacethongrear

Ms. Roxy – $30 – pick me! – SOLD

Victoria’s Secret navy blue thong with lace detail, mini bows and flirty “Made to Party” message. Size: M

VSpartythong         VSpartythongrear

 Ms. Savannah – $25 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret sweet floral print cotton thong with light pink lace waste band.  (Have had this thong for a long time and just rediscovered her in the bottom of my panty drawer!) Size: M

floral thong front         floral thong back

Ms. Jet – $25 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret polka dot teal cotton thong with black lace waistband and decorative grommet detail. (Another thong I had hidden away in my panty drawer… this is one of the first I ever purchased!) Size: M

teal thong front        teal thong back

 Ms. Tatitana – $25 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret classic soft grey cotton thong with delicate lace trim detail. Size: M

grey thong front         grey thong back

 Ms. Kiara – $30 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret bright pink sexy thong from The Lacie collection and has a white bow and lace ruffle details. (I always feel especially sexy in this thong!) Size: M

pink lacie thong front          pink lacie thong back

Ms. Tracy – $25 – pick me!

Victoria’s Secret black and white stropped cotton thongs with two pink bows. Size: M

bwstripedthongfront         bwstripedthongrear

Hello, My Name is… – $35- pick me!

Craving something particular that you don’t see here? I love going shopping! So tell me what you are craving and I’ll go find that perfect pair that I’ll purchase and wear just for you! Don’t be shy, let your mind run wild! (Already includes 48 hour wear free of additional charge!)

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